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Wetlands come in many different shapes, sizes, and types.  They vary in the amount of water they hold, how long they hold water, and the type of vegetation they support.  Not all wetlands have standing water during the growing season.

All wetlands must meet three criteria: 
1.  soils developed in wet conditions
2.  wet either above ground or
     wet within 12 inches of the surface
     during all or part of the growing season
3.  plants adapted to live in wet
     soil conditions

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service divided wetlands into 8 types (Types 1-8).  The two primary characteristics used in the classification system include the wetland's dominant plant type and water depth during the growing season.  Wetlands monitored in WHEP are depressional wetlands with emergent marsh vegetation (Types 3, 4, or 5).  

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency designed and tested the WHEP sampling protocols for Type 3, 4 and 5 wetlands located in the Central Hardwood Region of the State of Minnesota. 
Wetlands sampled in WHEP are chosen by the sponsoring agency (City, Watershed Managment Organization, Park Board etc.).  

Wetlands monitored in the currrent season are listed below. Select the wetland name to download a map to that wetland.

Wetlands Monitored in Hennepin County

Type 2 Wetland

Type 3 Wetland

2016 Wetlands Monitored in Dakota County

AV-6 Belmont Park

AV-13, EVR-P14

AV-20 Golf Course

B1 Crystal West map

B1 Crystal West detail map

B3 Kraemer map

B3 Kraemer sampling area map

B6 Alimagnet Dog Park Map

B7 Terrace Oaks N map

B13 Sunset ALTERNATE map

DC-1 Empire Lake in Whitetail Woods

DC2 (Buck) and DC4 (Jenson) map

DC3 Tamarack Swamp Map

E-10 Cedar Pond

E-20 Shanahan

E-40 Heine Pond

F-3 Kral Pond

F-5 Autumn Glen

F-8 Mystic Meadows

F-1 Pine Knoll ALTERNATE

H-4 Stonegate Treated

H-6 Lake Rebecca

H-56 180th Street Marsh

H-57 Cari Park Pond

H-30 Sand Coulee Pond ALTERNATE

L7 DNR 387 map (1)

L7 DNR 387 map (2)

L8 DNR 393 map

MH2 Copperfield

MH-8 Victoria Pond

Rosemount sites

SSP3 LeVander Pond map

SSP-4 Villaume Pond

WSP-1 Mud Lake

WSP-10 Humboldt Pond

WSP-11 Emerson Pond South

WSP-18 Wentworth Pond

WSP-6 Marthaler Park ALTERNATE