The Wetland Sites Map increases access to information for wetlands monitored through the Wetland Health Evaluation Program in Dakota County. In addition to identifying wetland monitoring site locations, the map includes wetland biological assessment scores for each year the site has been evaluated. Using the Dakota County Wetland Sites Map, you can locate information about the wetlands that have been monitored in the past.  The Wetland Sites Map includes wetlands from each Dakota County city/watershed or Parks Department participating in WHEP.

This information is to be used for reference purposes only. Neither WHEP nor Dakota County guarantees the accuracy of the material herein contained and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of this information or its derivatives. If there are questions about the wetland information included in this application, contact the Dakota County WHEP Coordinator.

External link opens in new tab or windowLaunch the Wetland Sites Map in Dakota County GIS (DCGIS)

Accessing the Wetlands Sites Map:

  • To turn on the WHEP map layer, click on the Map Layers button. Expand the Environment menu by clicking on the small triangle. Then click the hollow box next to WHEP Sites.
  • Blue triangle symbols represent the location of WHEP wetlands.
  • Toolbars on the right side of the application provide tools available to use with the mouse pointer.  Hover the pointer over a tool and a small description of the tool's purpose will be displayed.

Looking at WHEP scores:
  • To see the wetland scores, click on one of the wetland symbols. A table will appear on the left side of the application showing wetland ID, wetland name, acres and past scores. Scroll down the table to reveal more years. Data is displayed in the field if the wetland was monitored that year. Get more information on scores and External link opens in new tab or windowIndex of Biological Integrity (IBI).

Zoom to city:
  • Use the mouse wheel or the zoom in and out buttons on the right side.